Saturday, November 1, 2008

JW Study Meeting #10

Nothing terribly much to tell for this one. Uriah and I basically spent nearly an hour and a half in chitchat and never got around to the study part. He's letting me borrow three VHS tapes: one about blood transfusions, one about what the JWs went through in the Holocaust, and another about how the organization works. He also got me a copy of Reasoning from the Scriptures and a couple article-type things on questions I'd had: one about John 20:25 which gave a very unconvincing rationale for the plurality of nails within the JW notion of Christ's crucifixion, and another one on the "faithful and discreet slave". We spent much of the rest of the time discussing illness, cats, annoying neighbor kids, etc. Uriah's a nice fellow.

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