Saturday, January 17, 2009

JW Study Meeting #14

Uriah arrived right on time today, and I was very surprised when I saw that Shem was with him! So after a greeting, I let the two of them in, and we made some smalltalk at the table while Uriah petted Enoch, one of my cats who happens to like being around him. I explained how I'd finished the Proclaimers book, which had both of them surprised, especially Shem. (Uriah is a bit more used to me, I suppose, haha.) We were about to start the study when I heard a noise that gave me pause. As I suspected, Enoch was under the table, throwing up next to Uriah's feet. I cleaned that up, and then we got to the study. Chapter 6 was about the state of the dead, and I said up front that I'd probably have disagreement but that we'd get through the chapter today and discuss the issue apart from the book next time. Really, only about 30-40% was objectionable. I explained my position in scattered comments here and there--not very well, in my opinion, but I'm kinda tired. As we went, I jotted down a couple passages of Scripture to look into before the next meeting: Ecclesiastes 9:5-10 and Psalm 146:4. In return, I had prepared a list of other passages to explore at the next meeting, which I gave them to look into: Ezekiel 32:21-30, Isaiah 14:9-15, 1 Samuel 28, Isaiah 26:19, Matthew 22:29-32, Philippians 1:21-26, and 2 Corinthians 5:6-10. I didn't get the chance to look many of them up ahead of time--I jotted some of the references down while skimming a portion of Philip Johnston's Shades of Sheol: Death and Afterlife in the Old Testament early this afternoon before the meeting--so I'm not sure of the relevance of some of them.