Sunday, December 5, 2010

An Epilogue

It no doubt goes without saying, but this blog has effectively run its course. In part, that's because I developed such a massive backlog of posts to write that I said, "Ah heck with it". So now let me briefly summarize developments.

I haven't heard from any Jehovah's Witnesses in months and months. It's amazing how ready they are to just let someone slip through their fingers like that. Maybe someday I'll run into more Jehovah's Witnesses again; who knows?

While finishing up my undergraduate degree, I continued to meet with missionaries all the way to the end. As I continued to persist in those studies, I received what I would regard - in accordance with the standards presented to me by the missionaries themselves - as a testimony that Joseph Smith was not a prophet of God and that I ought not enter their church. Some of the discussions were plenty interesting; one of the missionaries got quite hostile with me once or twice for no justifiable reason, while the other one conducted himself very well. After graduating college, some sister missionaries were sent to my house a few times, and we had some nice but not terribly stimulating discussions before I passively brought it to an end before a vacation. Since then I have not been meeting with any LDS missionaries. I have since moved out of state to attend seminary and pursue an MDiv degree.

I do retain a somewhat newfound interest in LDS-Evangelical dialogue, which I will continue to explore at Study and Faith. If it's the sort of thing that could even remotely interest you, please go there, read it, subscribe to it, etc. In fact, I strongly encourage it, because I'm becoming very active there.

And so I now formally conclude this blog's run. It's been an interesting time, and I hope to see you around my new blog.