Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thank God for Research Applications International

I don't think I mentioned it before, but a little while ago I finally broke down and ordered two very important CD-ROMS from Research Applications International: "The Pastor Russell Anthology" and "Rutherford's Rainbow" (2nd ed.). They've since arrived, and so now I have PDF versions of plenty of older literature by Russell and Rutherford. And let me just say that it has been an immense help; my paper has grown phenomenally thanks to the material in there. I'm particularly fascinated by Russell's exegesis of Psalm 82, personally. I have never seen any counter-JW Trinity book that treats Russell's own use of that passage, even those that deal with Psalm 82 in contemporary Witness usage. And so now my paper is weighing in at around 57 pages, including bibliography. Standard font size, single-spaced. And I'm thinking... if I keep working on this for a few years or so, really go at it, why should I not be able to publish it as a book someday? I mean, really, if I were to do some more interaction with a broader range of anti-Trinitarian literature and add a section on, say, John 8:58 (assuming that further analysis reveals that it's a worthwhile text to use to this end), plus maybe an appendix on pneumatology... it should be long enough. Especially so if I expand it by explaining things at greater length for simplicity's sake. And I'm confident that I could get blurbs for the back from J. P. Holding and David A. Reed, and possibly also from Robert M. Bowman, Jr. So why on earth shouldn't I? Heh... now that I'm seriously considering this avenue, I'm even more determined.

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