Saturday, July 5, 2008

JW Study Meeting #3

My newest tale is of another meeting with my favorite Jehovah's Witnesses, Uriah and Shem. Chapter 3 of What Does the Bible Really Teach? concerns the restoration of the earth. In short, since I agree that our ultimate hope is not some ethereal, disembodied existence in another realm but rather bodily resurrection and a renewed earth inundated with the glorious presence of YHWH, there was fairly little disagreement, which actually seemed to catch Uriah off guard, if anything. He kept having to ask, over and over again, if I was sure I didn't disagree with what the book said (which primarily consisted of Scripture quotes, at those parts). Ordinarily, you see, that chapter is one of their hardest to get through with folks, and even with me, they figured it might take two sessions instead of just one. Oh, and we did have a brief tangent on the subject of hell, in a sense, and I basically got them to accidentally concede one of their typical arguments against conscious, eternal punishment. At any rate, before they left, I told them that the next chapter would provoke some controversy, and that they should come prepared. Uriah just smiled, and I have a feeling that he seriously underestimates the coming storm. But, either way, the next meeting will be 26 July. I've been slacking too much to be ready on the 12th, and on the 19th I'll be meeting up with a bunch of guys from the Guys' Bible Study at college to spend a day working through Philippians.

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